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Company was established in 1998 in Kosice, on the basis of longtime experience from abroad. Objective of the company is a complex provision of cleaning services, need of which has arisen from a change in social situation and demand for a professionalism of work.

Cleaning service Simona will disburden you from everdyday cleaning work, i. e. vacuum-cleaning, floor cleaning, cleaning and disinfection of sanitary facilities, window cleaning, carpet cleaning, etc. 

We will adjust the provision of cleaning services to your requirements and system of your household or company pursuant to a mutual agreement. The ideal solution is a regular cleaning where the required work is performed in a regular time interval to the necessary extent.

 Company is insured in the event of property damage
 Staff is trained in terms of safety at work and fire protection
 If you decide to become our client, we will mutually award a contract about provison
 of services with stated rights and obligations of the company and the client